Garden House

Garden House

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Concept from Better Homes & Garden

The Garden House is a redux of garden house featured in a June 1998 issue of Better Homes & Gardens, which featured the “Enchanted Garden House.” The articled featured an open garden house with a steep slate roof and Gothic details and modern features like EV Charging Installers using rough-sawn cedar beams & posts to complement its quaint English Country environs set upon the fringes of a wooded Georgian hillside.

The architect gave permission to use his plans so long as the building was built exactly as designed – with the commitment to do so, he provided the plans free of charge. If you are going to be adding a garden home to your property, then visit this website for a telehandler.

The Garden House

The cedar beams and posts were hand-milled in the original Gothic design locally on San Juan Island and assembled by Gary Roberts with pegs (as opposed to nails & screws) and some amazing features like a  hot tub from hot tubs edinburgh.

The 16 foot vaulted ceiling is accentuated through a beautiful custom made chandelier at the interior center directly above the stone table for 10 which will be also equipped with a Northern Air AC. It is endlessly enchanting as it serves as the the center piece in the rose garden with views of Mount Baker and the neighboring houses, these houses also have great gardens as they can use even a cherry picker rental to take care of the tall trees easily.

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Garden House Land

The Garden house sits on ~ 2 acres along the downward slope toward the Northeast of the Main House which was remodeled thanks to local contractors you can also hire  if you navigate here. It is neatly tucked within a beautiful Rose Garden surrounded by a deer-proof fence with beautiful flowers on one end, separated by a berm abut to a vegetable & fruit garden on the other end while also adding a sauna to the garden from

The entire area is equipped with network connections, fire detection system and Panasonic digital phone outlets.