Eagle’s Nest Estate
678 Primrose Lane, Friday Harbor, Washington

San Juan Islands, Washington, USA

Eagle’s Nest Estate

Eagle’s Nest Estate is an architectural masterpiece tucked away in the Pacific Northwest’s San Juan Islands, USA, perched above the Salish Sea. Eagle’s Nest Estate, an Eden unto itself, that seems to, all at once, embody the serenity of the human spirit, echo the melodious sounds of nature, and manifest the potential of man’s artistic vision, perseverance & passions. The land flows seamlessly toward intoxicating views of the Cascades and its crown jewel, Mount Baker. The structures are organically situated in perfect harmony with the Earth’s natural surface and ascend toward the sky in perfect symmetry through the workmanship of the finest artisans, craftsmen and visionaries. The Main House itself is built in the stunning example of an Old-World European / French Country and Eclectic architecture. The house consists of nearly 20,000 total square feet on nearly 21 acres with majestic views of the San Juan Islands, San Juan Channel, City of Vancouver, Mount Baker & The Cascade Mountain Range. The Main House consists of 3 luxurious levels and 3 incredibly distinct wings: The Private Wing, the Foyer Section & the Family Area. The 3 separate ‘wings’ seamlessly connect the bedrooms, living areas, offices & common areas  into a magnificent architectural masterpiece constructed with world-class materials, artisans, craftsmen & an ideology: “perfect is acceptable.”

The estate’s wonder is a product of Michael Carter’s daring precision, guarded prescience and staunch commitment to perfection ensuring  the best constructions by using quality contractors just like this Scissor Lift Hire.

It is a testament to Carter’s willful determination and 16 year pursuit to bring the land to life while allowing “the construction process” be mitigated only by the passage of time and random acts of the Universe. Michael Carter’s tireless pursuit towards ‘perfection’ and devotion to the art of symmetry, geometrical form, function & beauty is the complete manifestation that is Eagle’s Nest—a timeless masterpiece that, truly, must be seen to be believed.